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If you're a growth-oriented mom in the Indianapolis area, you'd be a good fit for:

The Milky Way (Indianapolis):
A Safe Support Space for Moms

The original intention of this group is to provide a quality, trustworthy support system for local moms who may not have that otherwise. Whether your family lives far away, you're estranged from them for your mental health, or you are just looking to create a village of people in the same stage of life, The Milky Way is a great place to look. The women in this group are genuine and supportive, and the space is judgment-free. 

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How is it different from other groups?

I don't know how many mom groups you've been in... But the biggest differentiator is 100% that this is a judgment-free space. In The Milky Way, we are not judging or shaming each other for different opinions or for experiencing the deep, dark, or ugly emotions that come along with motherhood. We understand, and we're here to love and support you!

The Milky Way is also different because we put a huge emphasis on building in-person community. That means group members are often starting up clubs, hosting meetups and playdates, scheduling events in the group, babysitting for each other, etc.

We want you to have the village!

What might I find inside?

​The group is constantly evolving and growing based on the needs of the moms within. But some things we've created so far include:

  • A "Best Friend Chat" to talk with other moms, and a bunch of other chats broken down by location, kids ages, your hobbies, etc.

  • A Mama Matchmaking program to help you find some local mom besties​

  • A cohort of mamas ready to help with childcare when you're in a pinch

  • Mom-led clubs: a crochet club, book club, gardening club... Maybe you'll start your own!

  • In-person events for you to meet & connect with other local moms 

And more!

  • Family Friendly Cookout / Games / Bonfire
    Family Friendly Cookout / Games / Bonfire
    Sat, Jun 01
    1504 Alimingo Dr
    Jun 01, 2024, 3:00 PM
    1504 Alimingo Dr, 1504 Alimingo Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46260, USA
    Jun 01, 2024, 3:00 PM
    1504 Alimingo Dr, 1504 Alimingo Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46260, USA
    Come hang out and make friends with that big family fun vibe!! We'll have water toys, games, food, and the space for everyone to chill 😎
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