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You Were Worthy All Along: Workbook & Journal for Self-Healing

You Were Worthy All Along: Workbook & Journal for Self-Healing

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This workbook is designed to help you identify and work through your worthiness wounds. These are the wounds that keep you from feeling worthy of love, happiness, and success. They likely came from trauma or an abusive or neglectful upbringing, leaving you feeling like you don’t deserve good things or like you have to work really hard to justify your existence. But the truth is… you’ve always been worthy. We just need to work through and release the false beliefs that are bringing you more of the same cycles.


We will go over:


  • What worthiness wounds are and how they manifest in your daily life
  • How your worthiness wounds can lead to self-sabotage, hinder your personal growth and block you from becoming your highest self
  • What 6 practical steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start discovering and healing
  • writing and practicing your own affirmations to help you heal more quickly


Features 45 color-rich pages that will take you on a self-healing journey.



  • 7+ workbook pages
  • 10 days of journaling prompts
  • 4 pages explaining affirmations, and how to effectively create and use your own
  • pages for 21 days of expansive journaling
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