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The Cosmic Consciousness Process
Developed by Dr. Jayne Gardner (The Divine Intelligence Process), Master Certified Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor

An exclusive coaching program offered by:








Heal and transform your inner world - and watch your universe transform to match

Gain better control over your brain, emotions & reality by becoming a Conscious Creator

Discover more of who you truly are and establish a higher sense of life purpose 

Learn the science behind spirituality and manifestation - see how interconnected you are with everything in the universe

Tap into your own inner creative power to bring good things into your life with ease

A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the "Creator" Within
What if there really was an unlimited power within you?
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We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, energy, manifestation, vision boards… Being the creator of your reality and making your dreams come true. But what is it that makes these practices work for us? How exactly are we the masters of our universe? How is this spirituality stuff grounded in science? How does this fit in my logical, rational reality?

When you start this process, you're likely in a place you don't like. Whether that place is the place you're living, your place of employment, where you are spiritually, how much money is in your bank account, or where you stand in your relationships, it's likely you're looking for a clear path towards change. Something in your life just isn't working, and you can't figure out what you're doing wrong. But sometimes, we're not doing anything wrong - it's our subconscious mind that's holding us back. To move forward, we look within.

By the end of this program, you will have a completely upgraded view of reality - and incredible transformation within your life to match your new worldview. You will have taken control of your brain. You are no longer the victim of your mind's irrational behaviors or emotional outbursts. Whether taken in a group or one-on-one, this is the once in a lifetime course that will truly connect the dots for you. Learn to see the world with new eyes; through a lens of beauty and magic and wonder. Life no longer needs to be an uphill battle - the universe is undeniably in support of you and your dreams.

Some key things you will learn:

  • How to add more of the good stuff to life: more abundance, happiness, fun, satisfaction, etc.

  • How to reach your goals with less effort, less time, and less energy

  • How science explains manifestation and how to get it to work for you

  • How to identify and replace the beliefs that are holding you back 

  • How to raise your emotional energy level to feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally

  • How to manage your emotions and heal/release old traumas

And much more.

This is a course that teaches you the science behind spirituality: grounding in reality undeniable proof for you that you are the master of your own universe. Spiritual truths we may understand intuitively are backed up with research in neuroscience and quantum physics to show you how your brain works, how it can be re-wired, and how this is directly affecting the experience you’re having and the world all around you.  Dr. Jayne Gardner created this process to help others reprogram their brains and transcend the limiting beliefs that are running the show of their lives.

 With its default survival programming, our brains naturally focus on negative emotions and events. This keeps us in fight or flight mode, feeling high stress and  caught in vicious cycles of negativity. Learn to train your brain to focus on the positive things, and watch your world transform before you!


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