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Self Care for Happy Healthy Humans

Self Care for Happy Healthy Humans


A self-care, habit building tool


Track the self-care tasks you complete and create a reward system for yourself! Prioritizing yourself should not feel like a chore and rewards feel good; Why not feel good for taking care of yourself?


What are some things you have been looking forward to? Are there any items on your wishlist that you keep putting off buying? Make it a reward!  Some ideas are below.


30 Points:    Treat Yourself - new pens/ new art supplies/ new book

50 points:    Afternoon Out - go for a hike, read at the park, go out for a nice lunch

100 points:   Body, Mind, Soul - hour massage, game night with friends, take that class you've been wanting to take

1000 Points:    Take a Vacation - get away from your "normal"


Whatever your rewards are, have fun with it! 

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