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Your Lunar Cycle - Moonology Manifestation Oracle

Your Lunar Cycle - Moonology Manifestation Oracle


A look at the energies you are manifesting with currently, and over the lunar cycle (29 day period).


This reading is done with Moonology Manifestation Oracle. The only energies we are working with are the energies of the here and now. We do not predict the future, nor do we claim to do so. We are painting a picture for you to see the energies present in your situation, so you can make informed decisions in your life. 


You will get:

-A picture of the spread
-A picture of each card

-A description of what each card means 

-An interpretation of the spread as a whole


This spread will give you guidance into how you will best be able to work with universal energies to manifest your desires over the next few weeks. 


Here's what each card represents:

1: the energies right now

2: the energies 1 week from now

3: the energies 2 weeks from now

4: the energies 3 weeks from now


These readings are best to be done on the New Moon, First Quarter, Last Quarter, or Full Moon cycle days. 


Your reading will be sent to your inbox, unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for completion - it takes a lot of energy and time to do this. Although, I can be bribed for speed with queso.

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