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Morgan Paz

Associate Certified Coach with ICF
Bachelor's of Science in
Advertising & Marketing


Spiritual Business Development, Metaphysics, & Energetic Marketing




Discover and deepen your spiritual gifts and take steps to embody your higher calling.

Bring your gifts to the world: make money doing what you love while creating positive impact on humanity & the world.


Put yourself in alignment with abundance: manifest more money, better ideas, new opportunities, partnerships, and avenues for growth like never before

Form connections and accountability with people on the same wavelength as you: brainstorm, collaborate, and grow together

Receive feedback, guidance and coaching in developing your business or spiritual practice


This membership is meant for humans who are ready to invest in themselves and live up to their highest potential. They are ready to fall in love with be excited to wake up every morning. They are ready to fulfill their soul's mission and make money while serving humanity and the world. They are committed to their personal evolution and in elevating the consciousness of humanity.

This program is for you if:

  • You know you're meant to help the world and humanity in a powerfully positive way,
    and you're ready to get started right now.

  • You're determined to do what it takes to make your dreams come true
    (so long as no harm is done in the process).

  • You already have a business or you're willing to start making money for your gifts & talents.

  • You're ready to show up in the world as the person you came here to be. 

  • You are willing to understand yourself on a level deeper than you've ever tapped into before.

  • You want to deepen or discover your spiritual gifts, your intuition, and extrasensory abilities.

website development | social media marketing | creating content | fine-tuning your ideal target market
business strategy | long-term goal planning | developing positive habits | which media platforms to use
attracting your ideal clients on an energetic level | creating schedules that work for you | prioritization & focus
work/life balance | transforming our relationship with technology | money mindset | manifestation
Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you do not think the program is right for you, you are free to cancel your membership at any time easily through our website.
We will use meditation
as a practice to help
you clear your mind of
unwanted chatter. We
create this space for
ourselves to receive messages and guidance from the universe, or from our higher selves. To tap in to our intuition. This practice may result in more feelings of peace and less anxiety in your day to day life.
Visualization is a powerful
tool that we will use to
connect with our higher
selves and our dream 
reality often. As we
practice, the details in our mind's eye will continue to sharpen. We will be able to see more clearly our dream reality and how we can create it in our lives now. This will help us manifest more quickly.
Journaling is one of the 
methods we will use for
uncovering the beliefs we
hold within our minds and
reprogramming our mindset.
We will also use scripting,
or future-self writing, to expand more and more on the energy of the highest possible reality for you and everyone involved. We will also practice journaling about gratitude.

The perfect person for this membership knows there is more to reality than meets the eye, and they welcome in magic and out-of-the box ways of thinking. They are in-tune with the energy around them. They know deep down that we're all connected...all part of something bigger. They are ready to live in flow with the universe and in alignment with their higher path. To intentionally create the beautiful life that is waiting, lying dormant within them and yearning to be expressed.


The goal is for everyone in the group to reach a point where they feel they are in love with the life they have created for ourselves. To start making money doing something they love, while helping humanity and the rest of the world. To live in alignment with our highest selves. 

The Membership Includes:

Two transformative & consciousness-expanding group calls per month. You will have the chance to ask questions, receive spiritual or business coaching, and receive instruction & tools for starting or expanding your business.

Bonus opportunities to receive marketing feedback & practice pitching your offers. This will be open to our bigger Facebook group so you can get comfortable in front of more eyes. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising & Marketing, so I will be offering constructive feedback from that perspective and helping you fine-tune your ideas.

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One FREE 1-on-1 coaching session