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Letters From The Universe

Channeled, Intuitively Written Letters To Help You on Your Journey

Pour your heart and soul into a letter to the universe...receive a written response with the words meant just for you.


Similar to a tarot card reading, your letter will be personally crafted as a response to your energy, where you're at in your journey, and whatever you may be in need of at the time. Your letter will lift your spirits, lighten the load on your heart, and help you move forward. You may even release limiting beliefs or emotional/energetic blocks.

  • If you would like to receive a response as an e-mail:

    • Simply write your letter to the universe in the "contact form" below.

    • You can donate to fund this project if you feel inclined by clicking the button below. It is not necessary to receive an email response.

  • If you would like to receive a response as a hand-written letter in the mail:

    • Please use the "Donate" button below to make a donation to this program (in any amount you choose). This is so I can keep track of who needs physical letters and to offset the cost of supplies! I will also ask for your mailing address here.
      If you don't want to do this step, you will still receive an e-mail response. :)

    • Use the form below to write your introduction letter to the universe!

  • If you want to be "pen-pals" with the universe (and continue writing letters back and forth):

    • Use the "Donate" button below and choose to set up a Recurring/Monthly subscription for whatever amount you choose. This will continue to charge you until canceled, and you will receive additional information for sending your next letter (and will continue receiving written responses until canceled).

​​**Please allow time for your introduction letter to receive an answer - channeled & intuitively guided messages tend to come on their own time. Rest assured, you will get your response in the perfect moment for you to read its words. :)

Dear you,

I know that sometimes you get discouraged or feel stuck or lost. This is a strange universe we live in, and there are unlimited possibilities for what we can be doing in every moment. That can be a lot to deal with! Rest assured that you don't have to take this journey alone. The entire universe supports you and is rooting for you to succeed. May my letter to you be everything you need in the moment and more.

To your ever-evolving mindset and to your success and happiness.

The Universe


Write Your Intro Letter To The Universe Here:

You will receive a written response, as an email or a hand-written letter!

Thanks for your letter! Please continue on to the "Donate" page if you'd like to support this project.

More Info About Who You're Working With:

        MY NAME IS



I'm a mindset & manifestation coach.

I guide others to their own truth and open the doorway to self-healing and conscious creation.

I specialize in bridging science & spirituality to show you how to get the universe to work for you. To bring you into a state of flow, peace, and connectedness.
My words and guidance bring you to a powerful place of inner knowing, creativity, clarity, and authenticity. Together, we'll bring the best version of reality forward and create the life you've always dreamt of.


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