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Life Assessment

Let's see where you are now, and where you want your ideal reality to take you.


My Sense of BelongingI somtimes wonder why I was born at all. I don't belong here.I feel like most people won't understand or accept me.I feel content where I am.I am searching for the place I belong. I know it's out there.I know my place in the universe and I feel at home.My Sense of Belonging
Where I LiveIt's a horrible environment.Not so great.It's okay.I'm pretty happy with it.I have my perfect dream space.Where I Live
Fun and RelaxationI am always overwhelmed and stressed.I do fun stuff sometimes.I add fun and relaxation to my hectic life.I relax and have fun on a daily basis.I do what I want, when I want! Life is fun.Fun and Relaxation
My Career Path or BusinessI feel without purpose or satisfaction.I have no motivation to wake up in the morning.It pays the bills.I know I'm on the right path.I am living my purpose and helping the world.My Career Path or Business
My Physical HealthI generally feel unhealthy or have low energy.I've been neglecting my body.I don't pay much attention to it.I am actively working on my physical health routine.I am active, eat well, and feel great.My Physical Health
My Relationship with MoneyI'm always broke and stressed about it.I don't pay attention to my finances.I am living paycheck to paycheck.I have enough to save, invest, and do fun things.I have everything I could ever want and more!My Relationship with Money
Are there other areas of your life you'd like to Level Up in?

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My Self-Care RoutineI never have time for myself or things that make me feel good.I'm just going through the motions of life.I take decent care of myself.I'm actively working on improving my routine.My self-love and self care habits are top of the line.My Self-Care Routine
My RelationshipsThey're toxic or non-existent.They exist, but I feel alone.They're pretty good.I feel mostly connected and happy.I feel unconditionally loved and supported in my relationships.My Relationships
My Connection to Myself and The UniverseI am completely lost and feel disconnected.I'm on the fence about whether I believe or not.I want to know more but don't know where to start.My connection to everything is starting to make sense to me.I feel totally in-tune with myself and the universe.My Connection to Myself and The Universe
My Mental HealthIt's a lot of anxious, depressed, negative feelings.More bad days than good days.It depends on the day.I have more good days than bad days.I feel my emotions through when I need to and I feel balanced.My Mental Health
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