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Oct 24, 2022 - Jan 14, 2023

Release & Rewire: Shadow Work Grounded in Science

  • 83Days
  • 2Steps
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A Process for Shadow Work Grounded in Science This program blends science and spirituality to put a solid process and logical reasoning behind the changes in consciousness we experience when we undertake the Shadow Work journey. Though shadow work is something many of us have done intuitively, through the guidance of others, or even through consciousness-altering substances, this process gives you a framework that you can use over and over again to elevate your emotional set point and raise your energetic frequency. Spiritual concepts are grounded for the rational mind with explanations from various scientific fields, including biology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Through this process you will know exactly how to shift your vibrational frequency and reprogram your brain so that you are connected with the reality you desire to be in alignment with. You will learn about your brain, how it works, how consciousness connects you to the rest of the universe, and how your beliefs and the memories you hold shape your reality. Heavy, trapped memories of the past will be released from your body and brain and limiting beliefs will be reprogrammed to unlimited, empowering ones. Daily journaling, weekly reading assignments, and introspective homework assignments are required work to complete this program. We will meet as a group 3 times per month for 3 months. You will also have an accountability partner to reflect with and keep you on track.

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